Moving Glass Walls Overview

Moving Glass Walls dramatically expand your living space, opening entire walls to the outdoors as they fold completely out of the way. They provide a massive impact on the beauty of your home, while delivering natural light and great ventilation.



This is our most recent conversion to date in Coto De Caza. We are all very happy with the results. This young, active south OC family wanted to open up their living room to their beautifully landscaped outdoor living area. Actually, the lady of the house asked for it and got her wish as a Mother's Day gift! We removed an old wood double door and replaced it with this 5 panel 15' x 7' bi-folding beauty! It features extruded aluminum exterior, Douglas Fir interior, and all the panels stack to the outside. This transformation was amazing and once again the Samson Installation Team hit a homer with top quality workmanship!



Multi-slide patio doors are your gateway to indoor-outdoor living. Narrow site lines create expansive exterior views. Multi-Slides are energy efficient and fully customizable with panels, divided lites and lock rails. Nothing is more beautiful than big sliding doors that transition smoothly past each other and stack neatly at the edge of an opening or disappear completely into wall pockets! Exquisite wood surfaces on the interior provide warm, luxurious design details. 


Pocketing Multi-Slides

This 18ft wide and 9ft tall door system provides the ultimate indoor-outdoor lifestyle! The Pocketing Multi-Slide patio door is completely concealed in the wall when opened. Pocketing Multi-Slide patio doors are available in Aluminum, Wood and Clad Wood with a multitude of wood species and colors to choose from.