Top 7 Benefits of Modern Thermally Broken Steel Windows



The beauty of steel windows and doors earns it the number one spot on our list, for good reason. The aesthetic beauty and elegance of steel makes it a highly desirable frame material in both residential and commercial buildings.

Frank Lloyd Wright selected steel for many of his designs, adorning the windows of iconic projects such as the Pennsylvania Fallingwater home and NYC’s Guggenheim Museum with steel.


  • Steel is one of the strongest building materials available. That’s why it’s used to build skyscrapers, aircraft, airports, automobiles, and bridges. So just how strong is steel, anyway?
  • Steel buildings can withstand hurricane force winds.
  • A 1” piece of steel could withstand an impact of approx. 30 mph before it bent. Steel’s ability to hold heavy loads and bend without breaking makes it a desirable material in the event of an earthquake or car crash.

When it comes to windows, steel’s structural integrity is three times greater than aluminum, and the material’s physical capabilities are nothing less than magnificent. Because of steel's sheer strength, the design potential is extensive, and seen through the use of floor-to-ceiling glass walls, expansive pocket doors, and towering 14’ entryway French doors.


Steel’s not only strong, it’s durable and long-lasting. Many century-old steel windows are still hard at work today. Unlike other frame materials, steel does not shrink or expand in temperature fluctuations therefore eliminating the chances of cracking and warping. Steel is not vulnerable to termites, and it won’t rot, crack, or split.

Generally, there are only a few reasons you could find to replace an older steel window. The best reason would be to take advantage of the new window technologies that improve thermal performance. 


The only thing better than a steel window is a thermally broken steel window. Anytime a metal is used to frame a window or door, it presents the problem of thermal conductivity. Even though steel has a lower rate of thermal conductivity compared to other metals, such as aluminum, it will still transfer hot or cold. Which means extreme hot or cold on the exterior of a window frame could transfer to the interior frame, and vice versa.

Thermally broken windows provide an elegant and modern solution to the issue of thermal transfer. A thermal barrier, or thermal break, is inserted between the interior and exterior frames. When hot or cold energy comes into contact with the metal on the outside, it dissipates at the thermal barrier.

When you combine thermally broken steel window frames with modern glass techniques such as multiple panes of glass, the result is a window with timeless beauty, long-lasting strength and durability, and energy efficiency that can meet the ever-increasing stringent building code requirements.


There is a cost to pay for a building material that is both aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, strong, durable, and energy efficient. Steel can sometimes be one of the most expensive window materials, and, by some estimates, costs about four times more than aluminum. While steel may not be the cheapest material for a project, it actually has a very low cost of ownership in the long run.

The average lifespan for an aluminum window frame is approximately 15 - 20 years. Vinyl and wood windows may last a bit longer with the right care. But steel window frames can stand for generations.

The inherent strength and durability associated with steel windows and doors results in a product that outperforms any other window material on the market. When you consider the low maintenance costs, longevity, and durability of steel, the total cost of ownership makes it an attractive alternative to other materials.


Steel is the safe choice for many building applications. Whether you’re designing a home where a family will dwell, or a commercial building where many will work, shop, or visit, steel is ideal to keep anyone who walks through the door safe and secure.

Steel is the material of choice for buildings to withstand forces of nature such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel windows can be designed to meet the most stringent building requirements for both blast resistance and impact resistance.

Steel’s strength makes it the perfect building material for detention centers and other buildings where security and window strength are top priorities.


There are few other building materials that possess the versatility of steel. Steel can accept a wide variety of specialized patina finishes, and be used in numerous operational large glass openings including swing, slide, fold and pivot types. From modern to traditional, craftsman to colonial, victorian, gothic and everything in between, steel windows and doors can complement any architectural design.

Every architect has his or her own reasons for choosing thermally broken steel windows and doors for a project. For some, the choice comes down to energy efficiency and thermal performance. For others, it’s a need for unparalleled strength and long-lasting durability. For many, it’s the elegant beauty and versatility that steel offers. No matter the reason, there’s no doubt that steel will continue to be one of the most widely used building materials in the world, and the architect’s number one choice for world-class windows and doors.

Originally published on on January 31, 2017

WaterBarrier® Technology

WaterBarrier® Technology Now Available for 2-1/4" Thick Exterior Doors

When your customers are looking to protect their beautiful wood door from the most extreme conditions WaterBarrier® technology provides the protection they need. And Simpson has expanded the capabilities of WaterBarrier to include 2-1/4" thick exterior doors. Whether they need to protect their entry, side, patio doors, and beyond, Simpson has them covered.

Here are some of the benefits WaterBarrier technology provides:

  • 5-year warranty with no overhang requirement
  • Can be ordered in virtually any door design for a variety of exterior applications
  • Available for use with any wood species
  • All doors with WaterBarrier come standard with UltraBlock® technology and our Weather Seal™ process at stile and rail joints
  • Excellent durability and resists moisture absorption

You can learn more about WaterBarrier technology's capabilities by downloading the product data sheet.

Custom Door Trends

Simpson Explains Custom Door Trends in Window and Door Magazine

Window and Door Magazine's May issue is all about custom curb appeal, and they turned to industry leaders, like Simpson, to get their thoughts on the trend toward personalized entryways, and specifically, entry doors.

"Trending Toward Custom" is a feature article written by Brad Loveless, Simpson marketing and product development manager. The article highlights the benefits to distributors and dealers when offering customizable products to their customers, including increased sales and higher margin opportunity. The piece also points out that while giving users the ability to personalize their door, the process needs to be simple and easy. That is one of the reasons why Simpson created their Doormagination® design tools. Your potential customers can see many of the possibilities they have to personalize their door from selecting a custom glass design, to altering the design of a door, to seeing a door in any wood species, to picturing the door on the front of their home.

Explore the design tools that tens of thousands of homeowners are using each month on the Simpson web site here:

You can also read the full Window & Door article from Brad Loveless here.

Coto De Caza Front Entry Re-Do

This is the same client that we did a beautiful bi-fold door for about six months prior to this. They desperately needed a new front entry door, but they were uncertain about the door style and material to use etc.
I tossed aside the brochures and sketched this door for them. They immediately said YES! and couldn't wait for the make over. We went as tall and as wide as possible for the space. The transformation was stunning!

Project Year: 2016

Project Cost: $10,001 - $25,000



Simpson Performance Series

Simpson believes that your customers should be able to personalize a door to get the exact look they want. Any design, size and glass in any wood type. That is one of the many benefits of choosing a Simpson wood door for your home. And while Simpson doors are built to last, some applications are tougher on doors than others.

UltraBlock® technology integrates a composite block into the bottom of the stiles, where water infiltration can occur. This provides peace of mind and a 5-year warranty on the door. And UltraBlock comes standard on the following door series:

WaterBarrier® technology takes the protection of your door one step further and provides a 5-year warranty in any application or exposure. It combines a medium density overlay (MDO) over the exterior surface of the door with water-resistant glazing beads and bars that's not only resistant to moisture, but provides a beautiful surface for paint. This means that it will protect the exterior side of your door, while allowing you to see the beauty of the wood species you chose on the interior side of the door. Better yet, WaterBarrier can be selected for virtually any door design and size.

To learn more about UltraBlock and WaterBarrier technologies, download the information sheets below.

10 Tips For a Successful Install

  1. Remember that window replacement is a progressive remodeling project. Only one or two windows are taken out at a time and then immediately replaced. Your entire home will not resemble a piece of Swiss cheese with holes in it for birds, weather or animals to enter during the replacement process.
  2. Remove window treatments. Remove all shades and blinds before the window installers arrive to give them easy access to the windows. Additional glass ornaments or decorations should also be removed from the windows, ledges and sills.
  3. Clear the way. Find out from your window installer how much space will be needed to operate inside and outside the home when replacing a window. Some furnishings may need to be moved away from windows and breakables taken off of wall shelves. On the outside, ladders may need to be used in gardens or bushes to reach windows for replacement.
  4. Designate installer traffic lanes. Decide and communicate with the window installation team on which entries they may use, which restrooms are available to the crew and what procedures you feel most comfortable with for home access.
  5. Keep kids and pets out of the way. Kids, pets and contractors --- they're like oil and water. For safety's sake, make arrangements to keep young children and family pets away from workers at all times.
  6. Confirm installer insurance. When selecting a window installer, make sure to request paperwork confirming that the entire window installation team is bonded and insured.
  7. Carefully check windows and paperwork. Double-check the paperwork that comes with new vinyl replacement windows and the windows themselves. If you requested Energy Star qualified windows, make sure the stickers are on the window. If you asked for low-maintenance vinyl window frames, double-check to make sure you've received those vinyl replacement windows. And if you spot any broken glass or damaged frames, make sure to bring that to the attention of your window installer before the windows are placed in your home. Also make certain to save your window warranty information in a secure location. This documentation is also important to be able to claim replacement window tax credits.
  8. Arrange window storage and removal. Discuss removal of your old windows with your window installer. During a replacement window project, either the new or used windows may need to be stored at your residence for several days. Show the team where to store new and removed windows, make sure they're protected, and set a time frame for removal of old windows.
  9. Make a rain plan. Find out what your window installer's weather policy is, and decide together on acceptable weather conditions for your project. While they may be fine working in the rain or snow, you may not want the interior of your home to get muddy and wet.
  10. Keep window installation zones clean. Be sure to ask about cleanup, because there's a fair amount of dust and mess that accompanies a replacement window project. Discuss beforehand whether furnishings should be covered during the installation process and what the company's policy is for cleanup both inside and outside the home following installation .


Best of Houzz for Service!

Press Release:

Samson Door & Window of Anaheim

Awarded Best Of Houzz 2017

Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building,

Remodeling and Design Professionals in North America and Around the World

Anaheim, California, January 23, 2017Samson Door & Window has won “Best Of Service ” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The "go-to leader in Orange County for doors and windows" was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.

The Best Of Houzz is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 40 million monthly users on Houzz. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2016. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognized with the Photography award. A “Best Of Houzz 2017” badge will appear on winners’ profiles, as a sign of  their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

“We’re so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals, including Samson Door & Window", said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. “Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping to turn their home improvement dreams into reality.”


Taft Kintzle in Anaheim, CA on Houzz

Top 10 Benefits of Replacement Windows

For some, the benefits might seem obvious, but for others; the decision to invest in replacements windows can be daunting. Here are Samson's top 10 benefits of Replacement Windows!

1. Lower heating & cooling costs

2. Elimination of drafts

3. Increased home security

4. Blocking of harmful UV rays

5. Easier cleaning with tilt in windows

6. Reduced noise pollution

7. Updated hardware for a fresh look

8. More natural light and a better view

9. Reduced fading of furnishings

10. Replacement rotting wood before it causes further damage


If you have any additional questions, or if you're ready to make the next step.. Click HERE to contact us!

Kilday Project - Phase II

We've been busy working with Beth Kilday and her family on there total house makeover! Beth has been extremely impressed with our work, and has nothing but good things to say about how this project has gone! Here's what she's been saying:

"The Samson Door and Window team is back again, continuing to restore our house from a 1960s headache into a beautifully updated mid-century modern little gem. They are truly our Heroes, since there were health concerns regarding the state of existing improperly installed windows and doors. Taft and his team swooped in, demolished and rebuilt aggressively without issue; consistently on time and hard working. They are a talk of the town; the neighbors are impressed and happy to see such great improvements in the neighborhood with the work on our house. The Samson Door and Window team is always courteous and kind with all our questions. They have made an extremely stressful situation into a great opportunity to improve our home, with the utter peace of mind that it is done correctly and safely, along with being absolutely stunning! My husband and I highly recommend Samson Door and Window! "

Here's where we are at (Phase II):


Choosing the Right Door

Choosing the right door cant be difficult! There's so many designs, sizes, shapes, wood species, and manufacturers; how do you even know where to start??

Our friends over at Simpson Door create doors that can be used in virtually any application and have a cool new online tool that will show you just that! ...Take a look:


Simpson can make doors in any design, size, shape and wood species, so it makes sense that they are used in all types of applications. Whether it is a traditional swing door, sliding barn door, pocket door, pivot door, dutch door and beyond, your customer has options for how a Simpson door can be used.

Applications like barn track for interiors and pivot hardware for exteriors are seeing increased popularity. And even though Simpson is manufacturing only the door component for these applications, we are communicating their availability to builders and homeowners from partners like you.

Now in the Find A Door section of, consumers can view different example applications for both exterior and interior doors by clicking the "Application" box on the right side of the screen. They can view swing, barn, pocket, and pivot applications for interior doors, and swing, double swing, sliding, and pivot applications for exterior doors, as seen below.

To see more Simpson doors in various applications, you can visit the gallery here.

Milgard Essence - Mission Viejo

We teamed up with our friends over at Milgard and had a photoshoot done with some of our recent projects! Here's a job we did in Mission Viejo featuring Milgard's Essence Series.

These photos not only display how beautiful and luxurious Milgard's Essence Series is; they highlight Samson's clean, professional, and seamless installations!

Photo Credit: Juan Tallo


Essence Series windows offer seemingly endless design possibilities. The fiberglass exterior comes in 16 designer colors that fit any style or trend. 

Interiors are available in clear vertical grain fir, natural pine or primed pine. Seal or stain the natural pine or fir to complement the wood finishes in your home. Or go with primed wood and paint the color of your choice.

Because Essence Series has an innovative mulling system, there’s virtually no limit to window combinations. 

Picture windows are available in casement/awning and double hung/glider frames that create a clean, consistent look when used with the matching operating style. 

The design of each of these combinations will create even sight lines throughout your home.

A New Partnership - Milgard Essence Series

We are proud to announce that Samson is partnering with Milgard Windows & Doors! Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in windows and doors and is everything that Samson stands for; Honest, Professional, and Unmatched Craftsmanship!

Whether you're doing a full home remodel, new construction or replacement, we have windows and doors in shapes and styles that can be used in combinations to improve the beauty, comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Wood has always been praised for its beauty and natural insulating properties inside the home--but presented real challenges in terms of durability on the exterior. With Essence Series®, Milgard combines the best of both worlds. A durable fiberglass exterior stands strong to protect a solid wood interior against the elements for lasting beauty and exceptional performance.

For more info, Visit: or contact us directly at

Here's a look at some of their designs:

Why choosing the right team of Installers is so important!

The benefits of replacement windows can only be realized through correct installation. Hiring an experienced and trustworthy professional contractor who provides high-quality installation means the integrity of the windows is intact once the windows are installed. Contractors avoid mistakes such as compromising energy efficiency because they have the training and experience needed.

Whether you are installing stock windows or custom designed windows a faulty installation can negate any efficiencies created by the new windows. Hire a professional window installation contractor to protect your investment. They will ensure that the windows are square, level, plumb, and air tight for long-lasting reliability as the manufacturer intended. Professional installation also ensures that your warranty remains valid for the life of your windows.

Hiring a contractor who has experience dealing with the various situations that arise in each individual home is one of the most challenging aspects of a home improvement project that homeowners face. All of the installers on are screened and licensed where required. The contractors are experienced and have helped thousands of homeowners through our trusted network. It’s like getting a trusted referral from a good friend.

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