Pivot Doors Overview


Why Choose a Pivot Door?

Common exterior doors are the easy choice but if you really want to impress your guests and to customize your entryway you should look for alternatives. Sliding doors could be an option although they’re quite common too. So how about a door that doesn’t swing or slide open? We’re talking about pivot doors.

Pivot doors are a dramatic and modern alternative to the common door designs. Apart from have a more unusual system, pivot doors are present other advantages. For example, they can be larger than the regular exterior doors.

Also, they can be made out of metal, stone and materials which are too heavy to be used for regular swing doors. The fact that the doors are very heavy doesn’t interfere with their functionality. In fact, a large swing door would be very heavy and the changes it would malfunction are greater than with pivot doors which are held up from below.

Usually, pivot doors are custom-made and this gives you more freedom when designing the entryway. Also, pivot doors are larger than the typical ones. The advantage is that you can customize them however you want and that there’s a larger range of materials to choose from.