Choosing the Right Door

Choosing the right door cant be difficult! There's so many designs, sizes, shapes, wood species, and manufacturers; how do you even know where to start??

Our friends over at Simpson Door create doors that can be used in virtually any application and have a cool new online tool that will show you just that! ...Take a look:


Simpson can make doors in any design, size, shape and wood species, so it makes sense that they are used in all types of applications. Whether it is a traditional swing door, sliding barn door, pocket door, pivot door, dutch door and beyond, your customer has options for how a Simpson door can be used.

Applications like barn track for interiors and pivot hardware for exteriors are seeing increased popularity. And even though Simpson is manufacturing only the door component for these applications, we are communicating their availability to builders and homeowners from partners like you.

Now in the Find A Door section of, consumers can view different example applications for both exterior and interior doors by clicking the "Application" box on the right side of the screen. They can view swing, barn, pocket, and pivot applications for interior doors, and swing, double swing, sliding, and pivot applications for exterior doors, as seen below.

To see more Simpson doors in various applications, you can visit the gallery here.