Kilday Project - Phase II

We've been busy working with Beth Kilday and her family on there total house makeover! Beth has been extremely impressed with our work, and has nothing but good things to say about how this project has gone! Here's what she's been saying:

"The Samson Door and Window team is back again, continuing to restore our house from a 1960s headache into a beautifully updated mid-century modern little gem. They are truly our Heroes, since there were health concerns regarding the state of existing improperly installed windows and doors. Taft and his team swooped in, demolished and rebuilt aggressively without issue; consistently on time and hard working. They are a talk of the town; the neighbors are impressed and happy to see such great improvements in the neighborhood with the work on our house. The Samson Door and Window team is always courteous and kind with all our questions. They have made an extremely stressful situation into a great opportunity to improve our home, with the utter peace of mind that it is done correctly and safely, along with being absolutely stunning! My husband and I highly recommend Samson Door and Window! "

Here's where we are at (Phase II):