Simpson Performance Series

Simpson believes that your customers should be able to personalize a door to get the exact look they want. Any design, size and glass in any wood type. That is one of the many benefits of choosing a Simpson wood door for your home. And while Simpson doors are built to last, some applications are tougher on doors than others.

UltraBlock® technology integrates a composite block into the bottom of the stiles, where water infiltration can occur. This provides peace of mind and a 5-year warranty on the door. And UltraBlock comes standard on the following door series:

WaterBarrier® technology takes the protection of your door one step further and provides a 5-year warranty in any application or exposure. It combines a medium density overlay (MDO) over the exterior surface of the door with water-resistant glazing beads and bars that's not only resistant to moisture, but provides a beautiful surface for paint. This means that it will protect the exterior side of your door, while allowing you to see the beauty of the wood species you chose on the interior side of the door. Better yet, WaterBarrier can be selected for virtually any door design and size.

To learn more about UltraBlock and WaterBarrier technologies, download the information sheets below.