Custom Door Trends

Simpson Explains Custom Door Trends in Window and Door Magazine

Window and Door Magazine's May issue is all about custom curb appeal, and they turned to industry leaders, like Simpson, to get their thoughts on the trend toward personalized entryways, and specifically, entry doors.

"Trending Toward Custom" is a feature article written by Brad Loveless, Simpson marketing and product development manager. The article highlights the benefits to distributors and dealers when offering customizable products to their customers, including increased sales and higher margin opportunity. The piece also points out that while giving users the ability to personalize their door, the process needs to be simple and easy. That is one of the reasons why Simpson created their Doormagination® design tools. Your potential customers can see many of the possibilities they have to personalize their door from selecting a custom glass design, to altering the design of a door, to seeing a door in any wood species, to picturing the door on the front of their home.

Explore the design tools that tens of thousands of homeowners are using each month on the Simpson web site here:

You can also read the full Window & Door article from Brad Loveless here.